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Konichiwa, YĆ«jin, it is, I, HaziWord, brining you your silt forecast of Hazi…with a chance of…Words.

——That’s it. I’m done. I have humiliated myself to the brink of insanity. Peace out. No longer gonna do that, anymore.


Okay, I’m not a poetess.
At all. In fact, I find poetry to be the hardest subject for me…or…I did.

A couple of months back I hit this part of my life where I couldn’t express myself. I’m the type of person where writing is my escape from reality. I no longer have to be a teenaged girl with more health problems than my grandmother. I no longer had to be myself, try to be a good big sister, and daughter. I could become someone else for a while-and that’s all I needed.

Only their’s only a cetrain amount of running away from reality you can do-before the world caves in.

But anyways, I thought I’d post the poems I write. I get that their cringe worthy, but it’s me, being me. Not the sarcastic 14 year old girl I tend to be (soon to be fifteen-FINALLY). So anyways, welcome to my newest category, Poems.

And, I guess, welcome to me.

Published by H.A.Ivy

I mean, to be frank with you do people actually read these? Undecided. I do know it's an excellent thing to write when you're trying to procrastinate from literally anything else. Technically I'm supposed to write on these for another obligation but you know what-we'll procrastinate on that one too. Mainly because people will be reading and judging that one. Though if you've gotten this far it's probably because you're genuinely hoping to find information about me, and to put it simply, there's not much to tell. I'm a fairly average person who prefers to have panic attacks about small things, and then when something's big I say "ah screw it" and move on with my life because who has time to dwell, not me that's who. Not with college and other stressful life requirements like not procrastinating on things. But in all seriousness, if you have made it this far, kudos to you. I'm H.A.Ivy, or Ivy, or Hazi or random girl that should shut up. I'm old (there's still a "teen" slapped after my age number so I'll let you figure it out), I enjoy writing, playing video games, and annoying my family. And of course, my ultimate goal is to take over the world, after I finish whatever this is.

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