What inspires me

Konichiwa, yƫjin, it is I, Haziwords, bringing you your daily forecast, of Hazi, with a chance of me still talking about myself.

———Oh, boy, this is gonna be Great.——–

     Alright, as previously mentioned, I LIVE FOR WRITING.

Unfortunately, writing doesn’t always live for me. In fact, I struggle with how to word and handle things (because I will write something, have a plan, come up with a better plan, forget the initial plan, and it’s all choppy). So how do I handle these problems? I  become inspired. And here’s how.

“I need my tunes.”-Lorelie Gilmore (Gilmore Girls)

1. You know how, in the movies, the hero’s go to fight the bad guys, theirs always that great song playing? That’s how I like to write. My characters go tbrough a crazy fight-and it becomes easier to visualize them, fighting to Skillets Not gonna Die. Or one of the characters is pulling through a hard time, and you have Tori Kelleys Beautiful helping out. That’s just how it works for me, music makes it more movie-ish in my mind.

2. Marvel/DC movies are inspiration for my super hero stories.

3. Folk Lores, culrural stories and Obscene Conspiracy theories. Specifically, 

King Arthur

Greek and Roman Mythology


Einstein’s Time and Relativity theory (which was broken down and explained in a manga)

All these make my fingers want to hit the keys.

4. Video games.

Seriously, Whatever the video game is, it makes my fingers itch. I could be playing High School Story and want to write. It makes no since, but I do.

5. Nature.

The most stereotypical thing, and I love it. Well…when I can be out in it without breaking out in a rash and my joints locking up. Seriously, though, not being able to go hiking any more has really taken its tole on me-its something I love. But thankfully, in our backyard I have a Dogwood tree I can climb. That faithful tree has been there for me every fight I’ve had, every frustration I have, even when everything was okay, but I needed to read, or breath, I could climb up in the tree, and I was in my own little oasis.

   So these are five things that inspire me. What inspires you? Have you ever hit a time in your life where nothing seems to inspire you? If so, how did you pull through? Was it easy? I’d love to know.

     War Heads and Pepperoni Pizza,


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