New Blog Series: Camelot’s Lies

Hey guys! With November bein NaNo RiMo (and the release of Sims 4 Cats and Dogs), and the month I end up getting into a full blown argument with my mom after three years of pretty much being a docile person (this lead to my laptop being revoked for two weeks). The point is that I decided to start at new series. Now I have been told writing in first person is more or less childish, and…well, that’s okay. I hope. Anyways, the story below is purely mine, in all its childish, and confusing glory. I mean to make no references to anything that’s been written in the past or the present. (That would be dang cool, though). Please leave me some constructive critism, what you think might happen, or where this story might go, and also, just plan old tell me if you like it or not. Now I give you, Camelot’s Lies-Proloug.

-Also, it’ll probably go through a title change.


My moms been obsessed Stone Hench since I was a little girl. Pictures, and maps of it have scattered around our small, little, house for years. 
    When I was six, and she went back to College, she spent four years majoring in History, and her thesis was about the same thing: Stone Henge.

   I suppose your wondering why I’m talking about a bunch of rocks that are sticking out of the ground.

Honestly, I’d love too know how I got this point too.

How my mom’s obsession rubbed off on me.

How the jelly beans I went from being a 21st century typical teenaged girl, who drank weird café drinks, to a girl who just consumed a highly-poisonus, vat of Hemlock and Hinchberries.

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