Songs that Changed my life

Hi BUDDIES, it’s HaziWords here bringing you your fantabulous daily forecast of Hazi…with a chance of music.

——-Ya’ll can tell I’m a big fan of music, can’t you?———

So I pretty much thrive off of music. It’s what makes or breaks my attitude. It’s more-or-less the reason I’m still here today (well, that and God). For me, music is what pulled me out of this emotional funk when I hit middle school, it’s what helped me overcome being bullied, and watching a family fall apart right before my eyes. Anyways, what were these magical tunes that changed my life?

  1. Rock What You Got-Super Chic.       Seriously, this band is what pretty much made my pre-teen years. When my dad introduced this band too me, it was the first song he played. Actually, it was the first song he played when we got in the car after church, and where I was being bullied by some rather snotty-kids. This song reminded me I was okay being me, but it took more than this song…
  2. Hey Hey-Super Chic, once again this song was played just before we went too a nerve-wrecking meet up with some we had an argument with, years before. Not only was it catchy, but it helped me to feel a little more secure in my being.
  3. We Live- So at this point, I’m obsessed with Super Chic, and no one is going to change my love for this band. Anyways, I’m really struggling, because my family (extended, but close) had ONE HEXUVA argument, that more-or-less pushed me deep into a whole of anger and sadness. I heard this song, and it reminded me that it wasn’t worth giving up my life for.
  4. Hero-YES. AGAIN. SUPER CHIC. But seriously, this song is for everyone. It’s about how we can make a difference, and what matters is the choices we make, that can stop any problems. Actually, it’s in the movie, To Save a Life, (also a book), which is on my To be watched, and to be read list.
  5. Eigth of November-Big and Rich- So how many times am I going to mention this song? A whole SUGAR COOKIE-IN’ lot. Really, though, it’s kinda big deal. My grandfather was in the Vietnam war, and rarely talks about it. I know it’s a hard time, but I never knew how hard until my dad showed us this song. It inspired me to try harder to bring notices to the less outspoken feelings and problems people go through.
  6. What do I know of Holy-Addison Road- Even though I’ve been a Christian my whole life, I admit my faith hit a rocky part. I never stopped believing, per se, but I did feel like when I prayed I was talking to the ceiling, more than anything else. Listening to this song, it more-or-less helped me to understand what I was feeling, and that was pretty lost.
  8. Hallelujah All Day- Datin- Dude, this is a freakishly-intense song. Need I say more?
  9. Gold- Britt Nicole- Go watch the video on YouTube. It’ll definitely help you feel better about yourself.
  10. Beautiful-Torri Kelly- More or less goes with everything I’ve said so far.

Alright ya’ll, this is all I have for right now, because I’m technically, very distracted. (Never write when you’re in a place outside your thinking place, everything comes out jumbled). Let me know what ya’ll like to jam too, and also, what Song might have changed your life.

Sugar Cookies and Guitar Rifts,




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