Weird Descriptions Tag

Hey Guys! HaziWord’s here, bringing you your daily…er…whatever… forecast of Hazi, with a chance of…words… AND A UNIQUE WAY’S TO DESCRIBE ME TAG.
Okay, so I answered these questions with my ginchtabulous families help, so everything should be accurate.
Not just me self-depricating myself, or boasting about myself.

Which Candies describe you? Why?
Skittles because I’m unique, and have a very colorful personality, and a Hershey Bar, because I’m reliable and solid.
You an only answer in song lyrics. What’s one thing you want other’s to know about you?
“And I regret that I struggle to find who I am
And I lie to myself, saying I do the best that I can
Shrug it off like it aint nothing like it’s out of my hands
Then get ticked off when I see it affecting my plans.
And I regret watching these trsut issues eat me alive
And at the rate I’m going they’ll probably still be there when I die”-NF, Mansion
(DISCLAIMER, I know it said lyrics, but if you listen to NF’S story, he was beaten, and his mother was a drug addict. While my story is not as harsh as that, I admit that trying to trust more and find myself is something I struggle with. Look’s like you all just got a glimpse into who the real Hazi is).
What movie is literally your life?
I am not Ashamed. The one movie that brought me too tears, and really put a reality check on my faith.
What season describes your views of life:
Fall, some days are going to be colder, and harder to cope with, while some days are warm enough, and give you a reminder that brighter days are coming.
Also because I have less flame ups.
What scent holds memories for you?
I’m not sure exactly what the cologne, or body spray was, but theirs this really musky…hard to explain cologne/body spray my dad wore when I was younger. Every time I smell it, it reminds me of the times I would end up falling asleep, and he would carry me to bed.

So that’s all I have, and…I guess I’m suppose to tag someone, but I’m not certain on how that works, so let’s just say, ALL OF YOU BETTER DO THIS. Not only is it fun, but it really can make you think about who you are.
Crackers and Cheese,

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