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Hey guys, HaziWords here bringing you your wordpress forecast of Hazi…with a chance of WORDS.
And tags.
So recently, I got the idea to creat a tag, a writing tag. Not that I know what I’m doing, so it could also be considered a writing Q&A, so here are the questions, and for fun, I thought I’d go ahead and answer them. (I’m sure there are thousands, so this one is just questions I’ve always wanted people to answer, but have been too shy to ask.
Whats your favorite type of character to write? Why? (Sarcastic quick-witted ones, shy ones, etc.)
I’d have to say personally, my favorite would definetely be the optismistic one’s that are a little too nieve for there own good. Mainly because I have a tendancy to be a little to be a little too harsh in reality, and enjoy the change.
What’s your favorite type of genre to write? Why?
I really enjoy writing all types. I honestly have everything from dark to humor to Sci-fi to fantasys to romances crammed in one story. Which is probably nobody actually knows what I’m writing about. I mainly like to write this way because I get all these ideas going, and decide it’d be really cool to use them for this set story/series I’m working on, and then it all falls apart.
When you write, what’s your biggest flaw in your stories?
For me it’s keeping the story pulled together, I usually get distracted, and take the story in a totally different way, so it becomes derailed. I also ocassionaly struggle with getting the right emotions in a situation, and describing detail. When I was younger, I used to much detail, so now, admitedly, I’m scared of how to describe it and make it flow.
What is your preferred way to write, when it comes to first/third person? Why?
I personally enjoy first person, mainly because it feels more personal. Like your a close friend with the character, or even are the character.
What’s the hardest thing you’ve had to write?
I’d have to say it was definetly about the oil industry. Mainly because it was boring, and honestly worst than writing a thousand word essay on Geoffry Chaucer.
Have you ever written something with a group? Do you enjoy it? What’s the greatest challenge for you?
Yes, I have written multiple times with a group, I do enjoy it, mostly because I enjoy finding out how others might add onto the story. I think the greatest thing I struggle with is waiting for someone to finish there part. Their’s also the tiny factor that my writing is everywhere.
Do you write with a plot outline?
No, though I mostly likely should. I suppose my problems is, I get bored easily, and the outlines make me go mad.
Whens the easiest time to write?
Middle of the day, evening, pretty much all the time except when I’m tired.
What inspires you?
Pretty much everything
Do you write with music?
Many people find writing exhausting. Do you find it exhausting?
Yes, because I become so emersed in my fantasy world, I forget about the real world, and when I pull out I’m pretty much ready to crawl into bed and sleep for the rest of my life. Actually, I like to sleep, so I would do it even if I didn’t write.
How is your response when someone is reading your writing?
I emotionally feel anxious, stressed, and part of me, after having the guts to let them read it, want to tear it out of their hands and go hide in a tree…only I can’t…because we don’t have any magical oaks or willow trees…that I know of…*looks around suspiciously at the few but varying trees in our neighborhood*
And that about wraps it up for everything I have for you today guys. Please answer these questions, and add some of your own, and pass it on. I’m really curious to see how people write.
Have a ginchy day!
Happy Holidays!
Sugar Cookies and Sponge Cake,


  1. NO NO NO – I absolutely LOVE authors that pull loads of different genres into the same novel, never change! It’s like a chocolate brownie cheesecake – a compilation of beautiful things that make EVERYTHING better πŸ˜€ xxx


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