Hey you ginchtastic people you (totally sucking up so you’ll read and support my ever-strange blog), ’tis I, the great Haz-dini, bringing you your HaziWords forecast…of Hazi…with a chance
Seriously, though, 2017 was possibly the most strange year of all my 180 months I’ve been alive. (182 is when I get to change out my newly pierced ears-for some cooler ears, I’m thinking a smaller lobe-for some really ginchy ones, it’s also when I can get my learners-SCORE). I’d like to say it was terrible, but let’s face it, 2016 was definetly worst-at least for me.
I guess we’ll call 2017 the year I learned some important life lessons, and I started the journey to finding myself.
The old me, not the ubber snarky, usually pessimistic persona I’ve picked up.
I’m thinking 2018 is gonna be a good year-mainly because I’m deterimed to make it better.
Anyways, I give you everything I’ve learned in 2017, from beauty hacks on the inside, and out.
I. Only second guess when you know why your second guessing.
See, that’s me trying to be clever, but broken down, what I’m really trying to say, is that I have a tendancy to act in the moment and do things I regret. I’m not a thought-out thinker. Recently, I’ve discovered this idea:
Ask yourself why your second guessing?
No idea why? Nine times out of ten, that’s either your brains, or your fear kicking in. If your second guessing that really cool bag you want to buy, nine times out of ten, I would wait and see if you can find better. Like earlier this year, I didn’t want to go to a dance, but I was second guessing my desicision, and while I wasn’t entirely sure at the time why I would want to go to something that puts my brain through the ringer, I’m glad I did. Everything fell together. I mean, everything, my outfit, an idea to stay at the hotel it’s in (even though we live close, my mom wanted something that the whole family could enjoy-staying in a suite at the hotel). So really, I guess I’m trying to say, maybe your rethinking because a little esp, common since, or fear is creeping in. Seriously, five minutes and you might find yourself a little less regretfull.
2. Their seriously is a no better you.
I mean, dude, seriously, you’re being the best you that you can. Their’s a reason why science hasn’t been able to make human duplicates. Your chromosones, your DNA, your brain process, your heart-those are yours, and no one can entirely be that. Don’t tell yourself someone’s better at something than you-you’re being the best you that’s possible at that very moment- something they’ll never be good at.
3. Don’t try and be different-just be you.
Again with the be you stuff?!
Don’t try and be one of those girls that’s different from the crowd.
Just be you.
If you is hittin’ the Starbucks coffee at whatever time of the day, or rockin’ those Ray Bans, than do it. If being you is throwing on some sweatpants and chillin’ with your Netflix Account-do it.
Really, we all try so hard to be different-we end up being the same.
So really, let’s blur those lines of same and different, and just be ourselves-I’m curious to see how many enjoy Ray Bans and laptops.
“I wear my Sunglasses at night…”
4. Don’t shave your unibrow.
Because you’ll take off to much eyebrow.
It’s dumb, I was tired, distracted, and bored with doing my makeup.
5. Stop it with the regrets, already!
I mean really, your doing the best you can (as stated before), and if you urp up, big deal-it just means you’ve got a really cringy story that you can tell your kids, and your grandkids. “Don’t feel bad, when I was a preteen, I latched onto things I could careless about, and would ramble about them for hours in public places.”
6. Maybe helping others is what makes me happy.
“Sometimes, you need to pamper yourself. It’ll make you feel better.”
Like heck-to-the-no.
Recently, I learned that I have a desperate desire to be wanted and needed. I have a desperate desire to put a smile on someones face, and to make them laugh.
When I put a haitus on volunteer work so I could try to catch up on other aspects of life-I became depressed. I mean, I was pretty much worthless-feeling. I felt like I was failing everybody, and my laugh and smiles were lies.
I started volunteering again-and my heart was soaring.
And it has been since.
Maybe, if your feeling kinda low, what you’re really needing is a trip to the Soup Kitchen, Animal Shelter, Homeless Shelter, or even just a trip to the grocery store, where you might just find a way to make someone smile-and lift your spirits, even just a little.
7. Dignity isn’t just the ability to laugh of the fact you had toilet paper attatched to your shoe.
Dignity is when your wrong, or you messed up, and your willing to humbly admit it.
Dignity is when someone insults you, and rather than get haughty, smile at them, and laugh it off.
Dignity is forgiveness and letting go, even though it hurts.
Dignity is knowing when to ask for help, and not being scared to ask for it.
Dignity is crying and loosing it, but gathering yourself, praying, and finding a way out of the situation.
Dignity is coming back to what you tried to leave-but being so much better.
Dignity is something that’s hard to express, but even harder for your enemies to recieve-the best kind of innocent revenge out there.
8. Don’t cut wet hair unless you know what your doing.
Or you’ll be sporting half-bangs for a month.
9. Consider others.
Face it, traffic sucks.
Those really annoying customers that are complaing about everything? Well, they kinda suck too-or their ‘tude does.
Maybe the traffic sucks because their was an accident-or someone is just trying to rush to the Hospital for an emergancy. Maybe their attitude sucks, because they’ve hit a road block. Either way, we’ve all had a bad attitude at some point in our lives-and we only feel worst when someone matches it. You might feel like they have it comming-but you didn’t have it comming last week when you got yelled at for accidently running into someone, or when someone you cared for exited your life without warning, and it was all you could do to open your eyes in the morning.
10. It’s okay to cry.
I’ve always been emotional. Maybe not over movies or books, but when it comes to life-I’m a blubberer. I cry when I’m yelled at.
I cry when I fail a test.
I cry when my pets die.
I cry when my mom is mad at me.
I cry when I’m cutting onions.
I’ve never been good at controlling my tear-ducts with my emotions-and lately, I’ve learned that’s okay, for two reasons:
1. They have water proof makeup.
2. It’s not okay to keep it bottled up. I’m pretty certain I’m not going to wait ten, twenty or however long it takes to get ahold of Prince Charmings hanky. I’m pretty sure I would loose it-if I don’t cry, I blow up, and really, the latter is not okay, considering nine-times-out-of-ten, that person didn’t have it comming to them.
11. Forgiveness.
It hurts when someone lies to you, when someone tears apart something you gave away so cautiously.
It hurts even longer when you stay angry.
When you don’t let go.
When every piece of your heart hates someone.
It tears you apart, and turns you into the beast you never wanted to be.
The beast you never meant to be.
And there goes your beauty.
Introducing the modern day Beauty and the Beast-the time where you get to play both main characters-the question is, are you going to let those crazy sisters of yours stop you from becoming that beauty you once were?
(Just look up the original story, it’s weird).
12. Never put off what you can do today, for tomorrow.
Because, nine times out of ten, for me, it was suppose to have been done three weeks ago, so I should probably, most definetly, do it TODAY.
13. Go to Ihop at midnight.
Because I told you too.
Because it gives your drowsy mind time to contimplate your life.
Because you haven’t hit that stage where you end up at some other joint.
Because your underaged and your not allowed to drink.
Because eating pancakes at midnight can go three ways:
Because they have free wifi, and you don’t, and you have a desperate desire to binge watch Liza Koshy.
Because you need to get out of the house, your a vampire, and that’s the only place opened in this stupid little town that late.
14. Go to Walmart at Midnight
People at normal grocery stores are judgy. Grocery Shopping at Walmart on a Thursday at twelve in the morning?
“Do you want your milk in bag?”
15. Smile more. You’ll need practice for better days to come, because trust, me their comming at you, you just need to shape them to turn out better than better.
So thoughts, comments questions, concerns? List ’em down below-also, tell me how ya’lls 2017 went, and how you intend to tackle 2018.
2017 was weird. I lost alot, and I won so much. If you’ll excuse me, though, I need to go get into a fight with Socrates.
Pancakes and Brownies,

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