How to be a Writer

How to be a Writer
1. Write down incomrpehsible babble.
Hey guys! HaziWords here, still pretty clueless about introductions to these posts.
Anyway, I’m trying to figure out some unique posts, that are both funny and helpful, and as of current, I can come up with neither (I mean by me, not by other people).
—–Wow, Anyway is a really common word in my vocabulary——
Anywho, I got the idea to tell people how to be a Writer.
Like, a real deal Writer.
Honestly, though, you’re probably a writer just by reading this.
The difference though, between being a Writer, and being a writer, is one is who you are (your passion, your soul, your very exsistance), and one is just what you do because your
A) Bored
B) Have responsibilities that requires it.
See, one’s capatalized because it’s a noun, and and the other is a adjective/verb, it’s what the person does.
Here’s some tips on how to be a Writer
1. Start out small.
15 minutes a day-write anything. About food, about a bad moment in your life, my gosh, write about how much you hate writing (I did this once, I got an ‘B+’ on that paper). I know, fifteen minutes seems like alot- but trust me, after a while it won’t be anything.
2. Don’t focus on one story.
I know I’m always being told to focus on one story, but I get so burned out, that it’s easier if I force myself to work on three or four different stories (or just the 27 documents on my computer that are still ongoing projects). Also, by working on the different stories, it gives you the oppurtunity to see multiple things.
3. Don’t plot.
For a story or work that isn’t going to be read by anyone but your closes family, don’t plot out your writing-just write. I know you might think you need one, but for practice writing, just write what comes to your mind.
4. Change spots periodically.
Don’t write in the same spot, at least when your working for it to be a passion. A good writer should be able to write at any point, and the change in scenary might do good on changing your inspiration.
5. Listen to Music.
They actually suggest music with 80 beats or so when you are studying, and when you’re listening to music while your writing, it should probably be the same. Find a series of artists that you like, and flip on the tunes. It might make things managable.
6. Check your Emotions
The story is something that you’re going to be focusing on. When you write, your main focus should be your characters, not the outside world. If you’re frustrated with your family, it’s going to show through your writing. Somehow, some way, you need to find a way to get into the mind of your character, block out the real world. I know, this is pretty intense, and hard work, but when you become a Writer, people are going to feel every emotion in your writing, so learn now, how to be your writings. These aren’t just words, or a fantastical story, this is something that characters, that for all you know could be in a different dimension (I’m not saying that their actually is, but you know, let yourself believe it if you need it to write), living this, feeling everything you put them through.
You’re readers need to feel your passion.
7. But be yourself
When you start out writing, read books, and watch movies. Picture yourself in these situations, how you would handle this situation. Add yourself into the story. Be yourself in these stories, it might help with being yourself in your writing, like you’ll need when you start out.
I think I’ve just broken every rule that was set for writing. Excellent *laughs mischeviouslly*! Anyways, these tips will (probably maybe hopefully) turn you into a Writer.
I’d have to say, it’s an intense world, and when you join, all I can say is….
Welcome to the Dark Side.

Stay Ginchy!


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