Characters and Cough Ups

I have no legitamate idea how many posts I will make today. I’m writing this on my WordPad app, and then am going to copy and paste it onto my website, so, we’ll see.
Anyway, I finished writing Dreamlands and Drafts moments ago, and am now going to bring you to the next step up of your writing journey-
—–Insert Banner about Character Cough Ups—————————
The character blocks.
I think I wrote about this once before, but here I go again.
Here’s your cure for Character Cough ups, Congestions, and Colds.
1. Cosplay your Character. For a day, dress, act, speak, and walk like you character. Handle situations like your character. Not only will you look like a lune, but it’s great fun too.
2. Put ’em through quizes. Seriously, take the Sixteen Personalities test as your character.
3. As tipped by the great Crystalsandcurls (Seriously, her posts have been some major help), check out Devianart for Character Questionaires. They’re pretty helpful.
4. Have someone hate your character-you’ll find yourself justifying them, and really, that made me say things about my character I never would have expected.
5. Google what you think your character would like. Not only will you look like a creepy stalker, and have weird looks when people see what your researching in public places, but it gives you visuals.
6. I get weird looks for this one, but I have the Sims 4 game (I’m sure you’re sighing in your seat now-but what can I say? I like the game.) specifically for the reason of creating my characters, even if all I have is the City Living and Holiday Expansion pack, and a bunch of broken custom content. I find that by creating my characters by drawing them, and/or creating them in games (this specific game), I’m more interested in them. Weird, right?
7. Ask for help. My final tip, is just asking other writers for help. When you get tired, or can’t seem to write your character, help is exactly what you need for it. Don’t be afraid to call in reinforcements, and more importantly, it’ll give you a fresh perspective.
Thats a wrap (I’ve got a chicken salad sandwhich, how about you?), folks. Let me know if these tips helped, or just kinda had a heavy-truck-stuck-in-mud side affect. Also, for all my Christians out there, it can’t hurt to pray-God can help with simple things like this.
Keep Writing and Stay Ginchy!

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