Contact Me

Instagram: HaziWords
Origin: HaziAzi
Wattpad: MentallyHaziWords
Steam: HaziAzi
—–Please don’t send me spam, or anything too inapropriate.——-
I’m open for Collabs, book reviews, advertisement (if I like the product, like, chocolate), casual talks (Nice weather, cruddy school, writing problems, life problems, etc, but I won’t give out any major personal info), help in writing or an area you think I can help, prayer request, funny pictures/videos, comments, questions, and concerns.
*Sit back in seat, props feet on coffee table, smiling evily with Hot Chocolate in hands.*
“Yes…yes…this will help me reach my goal of One Hundred followers…”
*Laughs Maniotically, takes sip of drink, sputters it out.*
“Sherlock, (my Guinea Pig) what the sugar cookies did you put in this?!”


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