Taking Back Death

Hey all, so I tried to post my first Wattpad story, but I wasn’t feeling it. Mainly because I dislike writing just drama or romance without action, so anyways, this one is more my type, and the best of my favorite things. I know it’s cheezy, but if you my loyal viewers could give me advice, that’d be Ginchy!

Stay Ginchy,


Multiple things should be dreaded as a new student.
Questions, stares, cliques trying to pull you to one side or another, or more importantly, rumors.
I wasn’t exactly new at Cornerstone high. In fact, I had set foot in here at least 29 days before I ended up leaving.
Of course, with my sudden parting, it was no doubt that rumors would fly-but when half the kids don’t know you, and the other half knows everything about you, your destined to have more than rumors.
“Hey Medusa…” My ex-boyfriend, Colton, greeted as I made my way down the linolium lined hallway.
I smiled and gave a wave, ignoring the nickname.
Out of all the nicknames I could recieve, and I get an evil snake-haired lady that kills people with looks.
He froze, and held his pose for a good thirty seconds, errupting laughter from everyone in his group.
I ignored him and made my way to my locker, where I flicked through the combination, not exactly surprised at the lack of change in three years.
Cornerstone high was named after Corner Stone itself, and the town itself was so small that everyone in town into a cruiseship. Legitamately the only reason that we aren’t combined with Middle School is because Rivers Flux, a large apartment complex that is really in Cascon County (a much larger city), registers as Cornerstone school District.
I watched as students flowed past me, half of them barely recognising me.
So far Colton was the only one who recognized me-he should, though, because he was being prosicuted.
I tucked a strand of my red hair behind my ear and slammed my fist where I knew the lock latched, and smiled as it popped open in success.
Ah, locker sweet locker. Nothing like the sweet smell of school supplies. It was nice to see that my sister kept it up, made sure kids didn’t shove trash or anything through the slits.
I shoved my backpack into the locker, removed my needed books, and shut it again, causing the couple standing behind the open door to remove themselves from each other.
I smiled and braved a greeting, before making my way down the hallway. Same school, different people. I mean, I didn’t exactly expect everyone to look the same, we were Freshman’s in Highschool when I went, and now that we’re juniors, it’s definetely different.
I pushed open the door to my Homeroom, finding a bunch of chattering silence as I entered.
I smiled.
New start, just like I wanted, right?
“Hi Mrs.Sinoma.” I greeted her, enjoying the feel of the smile. It gave me a little bit of a push when she smiled back.
“It’s lovely to see you again, Miss Glass. I hope you are doing well.” Her tone was little bit softer than when I first started school, her lips had the no-nonsince line, but her eyes had her usual mirth playing about in them.
“I am, thanks. Finding Atlantis was definetely a learning experience.” I said, grinning.
I was mocking the kids in the room who were whispering rumors.
She nodded, I found a seat in the back. My seat, where I carved my name into the top of the desk, and attempted to staple some guy who was trying to get a little to fresh before the teacher got into the room.
However, shockingly enough, someone was sitting in it. He looked up, his dark blue eyes had the careless look, and a familiar expression to match. Honestly, he looked all too familiar, but I couldn’t place where.
I smiled “I’d be careful, that’s where I sacrifice the blood of stupid boys-I mean, if the rumor still stands.” I sat down in the empty chair beside him, and leaned back in the chair.
He muttered a few choice words of profanity at me, before focusing back on the table.
“I’m Mia.” I said, tipping my head so I could get a better look at him. He didn’t say anything. “Oh it’s really nice to meet you Bertie, yeah, it is a fine day. No, I’ve actually been here before, explains the crack about sacrificing dumb boys. Yeah, was a cruddy day for everyone. Espicially the boy who’s eyebrow had a staple in it-” He stood up arrupbtly and motioned to it.
“Do you want the chair? Will it make you shut up?” He asked impatiently, I figured that since Mrs.Sinara hadn’t said anything, he was a problem-child, or tried to be. One thing I knew was that I was used against the problem children-like an anti-hero type of gig.
“No, I actually never shut up. When I’m not talking, I’m still making noise. It’s a weird reflex. I was tested for ADHD because of it. According to the therapist, it’s a weird coping mechanism.But yes, I would love the chair, thanks.” I stood up and took my seat, and exhaled, smiling at the comfort of being in my old blue chair, with my old wood-metal desk.
Nothing like home.
“So, Bertie, what drew you to my table?” I asked just as the first bell rang, beconing in some straggling students.
He didn’t respond.
“Well, yes, I know it’s a fine seat. In fact, the perfect spot, so if there was a fire, I could legitamately jump straight out the window. I’d even be okay-I mean, a little smelly, but beats being burned.” I continued babbling, even though he was clearly trying to get me to leave him alone. I couldn’t just leave him, though. I found him intruiging. Moody.
And that was obtained after five minutes of seeing him.
Let’s not acknowledge his excellent taste in seats.
Mrs.Sinara called the class in session, and did the usual roll-call announcement stuff. Lunch would suck. The field trip to the community center to help some girl with a project to help Soldiers sounded cool, the field trip to see the Governors Mansion sounded snoozeville-ish.
I sighed and tapped my fingers on the desk lightly, ignoring the stares from the Bertie.
I wasn’t kidding about my desperate desire to make noise.
It was a tick I had, ever since I was little girl, loosing the shoes on Barbie dolls.
Even my nose made noise when I slept-I had a slight nose whistle that was annoying when I became aware of it.
Finally, Homeroom was over, leaving me four minutes to get to my locker and then to my next class.
Which, comically enough, English was taken right with Bertie, who was sitting in my old seat, again.
Small World, isn’t it?


  1. This was really funny! I love your character’s interal humour; it’s very sardonic teen! I definitely agree with you on the fact that a plotline NEEDS some action, or suspense….can’t just be flat romance, I need a storyline too!xx

    Liked by 1 person

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