March Musical Madness

Sorry I didn’t post last week-it was just a really weird week where we didn’t go to the library or hook up to wifi for me to post anything. I also started a new blog:

A Hazi Journey

Where it’s a life-style type of blog, to go along with this blog, so make sure you check it out!

April Showers bring May Flowers, and in March we have Musical Madness.
Actually that’s going to be every month, but buckle down and get ready to groove with me to latest catchy tunes I’m totally into.
1. Move-Audio Adrenaline
Somebody please remove this from my brothers play list. It’s getting more than just enjoyable now that it’s been played six times in the same hour.
2. No Ordinary Love- Toby Mac
The coolest song in the world, actually, his album, Portable Sounds is just really enjoyable right now.
3. Bonfire-Building 429
It’s true. Go listen to it.
It’s all true.
4. I’ll Holla-Bizzle
Did I do any of these?
Well anyway
“This me waving to all my haters, but this ain’t hi, I’m just sayin’ bye, I ain’t got time to please you when I’m tryin’a please God.”
5. Soul on Fire-Third Day
I have a concerning obsession with singers with husky deep voices. At this point, I’m concerned that it’s getting worst.
6. Lift up Your Face-Third Day
A step back to my childhood, the entire album was my five-year-old life. Wow. So weird. Ten years later, and my voice is still totally off.
7. Drops in the Ocean-Hawk Neilson
The inspiration to a piece I wrote that everyone seems to like and might make it out into the world, eventually.
8. Wolves-Beckah Shae
Seriously, I like voices with a deep, rich sound.
9. Heartbeat-Beckah Shae
Apparently this was on a major TV Show Dance Moms? Watch the music video, and pay attention to the drums. Pretty cool.
10.The Chop Chop-The Ambassador
I can’t…it just…I don’t…it’s so…I don’t…. Wow, did I just have a major Gil moment. Wow, did I just have a major-Gilmore Girl Fandom moment.
Wow, did I just totally link you to my other blog posts about Fandomers and Fandoms.
This is getting annoying.
And that completes March’s Musical Madness Month.
Oh, I love when the letters match. It’s so beautiful.
*Sobs into Guinea Pig who’s eating a piece of hay*
*Picks up brothers new guinea pigs and uses them to wipe eyes*
*Runs from enraged brother*
What tunes are starting off your march, and what’s the jam you’ve been into all year long? Also, I’m going to nod at my brother’s new guinea pigs.
I had no clue there was such a difference between our inspirational guinea pig, and normal guinea pigs.
Apparently Guinea Pigs aren’t actually suppose to be interested in Fast and Furious, and screaming at my brother when he messes up at a game. Apparently they face the wall, and sleep.
This is all fasciating.
Tell me, how are Guinea Pigs suppose to act?
Stay Ginchy!

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