April Songs-Musical Madness April

And today on I’m grasping at straws for titles, I give you-

The songs I’m jammin’ to this April.

1. Lovely-Hollyn

Based of my favorite word, by one of my artists; what could get better than this?!

2. Holiday; My Kid Brother Remix– Britt Nicole.

Because it’s catchy, that’s why.

3. Workin’ On– Colt Ford

The musical video makes me cry.

Every single time.

4. Faster Car– Loving Caliber

This is Apmau’s fault. I’ve been binge watching her videos in prep for Season 6 Mystreet.

How does something go from comfy comedy to werewolfs and intense love?

I dunno, but I’m down.

5. Boasting– Lacrae

Hey, seriously, this song is really catchy, and I’m in love with it.

6. Broken Prayers-Riley Clemmons

This is so intense, and such a reminder!

I totally love this song! It gives me a warm feeling and makes me smile.

(Hey, I used to think it was weak to cry and feel things from a song-my friends and I bragged about it; now I’m learning emotions are okay, so I may or may not be using them quiet alot).

7. All I need is You-Hollyn

So it was initially done by Lacrae, but this was the first time I heard it, so I think I’m more intune to this one.

8. Live for the Drop-Capital Kings

I’m really into this band in ways unimaginable.

9.Thunder-Imagination Dragons

As per usual, I’m late to the party, but it’s one of the few songs that are modern that my mom enjoys, and I have to agree, and I really don’t know why.

10. My Light House-Rend Collective

Shout out to when I used to sing this song.

Bonus Song! The song that drives me nuts, because I can’t tell if it’s catchy, if it makes me want to become a musician, or if I dislike it because it annoys me, or if I just dislike the band because it painfully hits home about being stressed out, but anyways, Twenty Pilots-Stressed Out.

And you thought my music choices couldn’t get any stranger, right? Anyway, what songs are your jam, and have you heard of these?

Stay Ginchy,

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