Writing Prompts

I’m not going to lie, I’ve been trying to write these for a while, but I was really struggling, because some of my prompts were romantic ones that made me cringe. Either way, I give you some MAGICAL writing prompts, which I pray will benefit you in some way. So sit back, break out your pen, and get ready to write. Also, I promise these are my own creations, and if they’re like any other prompts out there, that was accidental.

The Prompt that physically makes me cringe…

**Character A watching character b try to fall asleep.
B: You’re being creepy again.
A: You’re cute when you sleep
B: Will I still be cute when I’m snoring?

A: At least I’ll know you’re alive

That prompt that could work as a serious story or a thoughtful one…

And while darkness was the only thing she had truely seen, it seemed as if the light was something she had known for years.

The Secret Agent One…

*Character A(secret agent), working desperately to try and win Character B(villain) on their side *

A: You know that it shouldn’t end like this. You know that you’re not a terrible person.

B: But what if I am? What if everything you knew was wrong, and everything I’ve done is all an illusion?

A: Because you’re to stupid to be an illusionist, you went out to become a bad guy, knowing full well that you’ll get caught because it happens in every story.

*****Please note that A’s last remark was my inner goofball showing through, and even though I love a good secret agent story, I hate serious ones. Also, this could be used as more than just secret agents, that’s just the idea I had in my head.***

The Character Trope One…

A really cool Asian character that is sassy, clumsy, and not a total genius…

Okay, my reasoning behind this one is that I dislike the lack of diversity. Like, don’t get me wrong, Asian’s can kick butt, I mean, you don’t know living until your butt’s kicked by a tiny Asian woman who’s ticked off. It’s just, not all Asians are savage kick-butters, or genius stars. And really, while my character would probably be oriented around a Japanese/Korean/Chinese character because of my own personal relating to a character, I also totally love to see a South Asian AT ALL. It’s great to see African Americans being represtended (like really), but it’s still a matter of half the population missing in stories.


The Non-Fiction Prompt…

What was the hardest experience you faced? How were you effected in Emotion, Thoughts, and actions? How is it currently affecting you? If you could tell yourself something during the experience, what would it be?

AND THAT CONCLUDES TODAYS MAGIC! I promise that it’s not the last of my writing prompts, and if you liked them, or are going to use them, let me know! Do you have any writing prompts that you love to use?

Remember to live your life like the ginchy story that it is!


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