Writing Reactions-Negative Emotions Part 1

Writing emotions is hard for me, they either turn out to flowery, and I find myself up-chucking, or else I sit back and wonder, what the SUGAR COOKIES IS GOING ON IN THIS CHAPTER.

Which made me wonder-do other people have these problems? And can we solve them together?

Well, let’s find out if my marvelous tips, are what we needed all along.

So for each character you write, it’s not going to follow this list, but the general idea is how they would respond to a sad situation. As a reader, I find far too often that a usually moody character would break down and cry, when they would most likely loose their temper, or a character who is bubbly let’s aggressive, and not to say it’s incorrect, but as someone who knows someone similar to all these characters, it’s more common for a weak smile to be ones response, and anger to be another’s. Anywhozzles, here’s the Short Description.

  • Sensitive Character- Might sob hysterically, struggle to make sentences, and might even cut one’s self off from human activities such as showering/eating
  • Moody Character- Will act steely throughout thing, might blame others, most likely in order to cover up ones shame. Shows sadness through aggression
  • Bubbly Character- Looks at the situation through a cheerful point; I.E, celebrating life, but deep down has inward turmoil, refuses to cry, but will most likely break down at something small at the end of their charade, like forgetting an apple for their lunch.
  • Edgy Character- Will make uncomfortable jokes, in general would enrage someone like Moody Character or make the Sensitive one cry. Edgy character’s emotional response, rather than crying would be silently berating themselves, most likely to be perseeved as a narcissist, or over dramatic.
  • Drama Character- This character would have a tendency to talk about the situations in blown out proportion, will either over-cry, or be over eager about telling the story.
  • Numb Character- This character probably suffers severely from past problems, so their response will seem cold to the whole situation- don’t make them too numb, though, as their response inwardly would be possible PTSD responses, or even anger responses, similar to the moody character.
  • Intellectually Driver Character- As in a character who forces intellect in more of their everyday responses, not just someone who’s intelligent. Their responses would most be akin to frustration from lack of control, but also a driving determination for the solution. While a common response of these characters, I believe they would be wise to enough to call it quits at some point, and not let it drive them insane. Speaking of wise,
  • Wise Characters- While commonly portrayed as some one who has a level head, and they will keep one, they will often understand that they too need to handle the process in their own way, and will know what it takes to keep a level head.

And this is just part one! Before I round this blog post up, let’s give some common ques that any character might use to show/or what you could write to portray the emotions of the character.

I’m starting to use images, impressed?

How do you write your characters response to sadness, does this quick list help in anyway, should I continue this series? I want to hear your thoughts!

Thanks so much for reading, and don’t forget to live your life like the ginchy story that it is!


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