Book Shots: Grasping At Eternity

Can we just acknowledge how I somehow managed to read THREE books this year. Wow.

I’ve never been more disappointed in myself.

But jumping back into it, I thought I’d review an old familiar of mine- Grasping at Eternity by Karen Amanda Hooper.

And as I’ve always felt toward the three times I’ve read the book, I felt the train wreck comming in the first page.

The story starts off with our MAIN Main character, Maryah, who has just had an uncomfortable run in with her parents, basically about her being “average”.

Oh my gosh, you don’t have good lucky or a big chest, woah-es me.

Sounds like every book? The complaints are.

But you know what, I’ll give it to the author, girls are pretty sensitive, and being told that you’re not exactly like your attractive smart brother would hurt (I should know), and if your parents say it, I’m so sorry (Can’t relate, my mother does everything but slap me when I make a remark comparing myself to others).

So she’s pouting in her boat, has her brother come up and try to console her, she feels a little better, and things will be perfect, she’ll eat snikerdoodles and listen to old classics, and her dad will apologise.

Except they won’t be perfect, because then a bit of a freak accident happens, and long story short, she ends up with a broke leg and a piece of wood shoved in her abdomen.

Due to the accident, her parents and brother (who’s her twin, by the way), passed away, leaving her an orphaned kid, who was either to live with her aunt and uncle, or her God parents that she’s never…actually met.

But she did meet them, because during the book, the twist is introduced, which you pick up between our kinda-annoying MAIN MC, and very annoying, MC dude, who is actually a total rotten Snicker doodle himself, and is whiny, and completely stuck on living for this girl and being weird about it, while she’s clueless,(but not really). I’m not going to lie, the Main Characters, they were total crap, like I get them, but also, the idea that they’ve spent centuries together, and never really had a break, would clearly acknowledge that they both needed a break.

And once again, the dude, the MC, Nathaniel is really whiny, for a dude, and acts nothing like a guy who’s seen some shingles, and rather a guy who’s playing the “nice guys finish last”.

That being said, the side cast was bomb, they were well structured, and had a less whiny attitude then the MC’s did. They had quarks, and gave me major Fast and Furious “Family” vibes.

The storyline that is important, but not, but also yeah kinda, important, is there, but not completely there, since the storyline is very

“I hate you, but I love you, and God help my ragging teenage hormones even though I’ve been around for CENTURIES.” (Yes, centuries, go read the book, I’m not giving spoilers).

In conclusion, you’re probably wondering why I read the same book three times-and the answer is simple.

The side cast is the main cast, and I love them.

Also I might be a massocist.

When it comes to suggesting the story, in general, would I?

No. But for my romance readers, and those who do enjoy their sides over the main course, yes. For my younger ones, or those who aren’t into completely Sexual references, probably not.

It’s not a lemon, thank the good Lord (I wouldn’t have read it), but it’s too edgy to be fluff, so basically, my current standing as a teenager.

For age, maybe someone who was fifteen, when I first read the book, or older, I’d say this book should be something you should check out, at the very least because the author loved her characters, you can tell, and that’s admirable.

For total rating, I’d give it two out of five ginchies, just because of the over-fluff, and the characters being very, very annoying.

I want to hear from you guys! Have you read this book? What did you think? How would you rate it? Are there any more books you want me to review?

Remember to live your life like the ginchy story it is!


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