Writers Square: Negative Emotions Part Two

Let’s take a moment to appreciate the art of keeping up with a schedule-something I can’t relate too.

I am SO sorry, Monday was a weird day, and out of the ordinary, that being said, Today is Writers Square Day, TOMORROW is Skin Update day (and let me tell you it’s going to be a sad, sad, update).

So now, let’s all take in the positivity of writing negative, and get into common character responses to Negative Emotions.

So Last week, we more-or-less covered (without me mentioning what type of negative emotions, I am writer goals, aren’t I?), dealing with situations in which one might be sad, but what about those situations where your character might get angry, how would their responses be then?

  • The Sensitive Character: Not to be taken for weaklings, a sensitive character may break down and hide, possibly afraid of their own anger, or as a way of expressing their sorrow. Far to often, if a sensitive character is angry, it’s at themselves, rather than others. A sensitive character would only lose their temper in the following situations are to occur.

*If they are with loved ones. Often times if a sensitive character expresses anger, it is because they are with the ones they trust.

*If the situation is something they are really passionate about. I mean, really, really passionate about the situation, or the cause at hand.

*If they become the next character I’m covering for smooth transitions.

  • The Moody Character: These characters are the main characters of almost every title on Wattpad-the Bad Boys. And they can be represented quiet well, you know, in some ways. But more commonly then not, the moody ones will yell throw some punches, but most of all, really just give you the cold shoulder. In the situation that things get aggressive? Let’s have a look.

*If someone they love is hurt or challenged. Yes, this is common, and I’m not going to lie, I’m a firm believer that the Moody Characters are the first to throw a fist, but also, the last to give up, and this can be their saving, or hurting grace, depending on how you writer it.

*If they’re being challenged by someone who claims intelligence or something of the sort over them. Moody Characters are jealous, but that’s a post, for another time).

  • The Bubbly Character- Their typical response as a bubbly character in angering situations would most likely be a total Unikitty Situation. Spouting out positive words to fight the bad, however, they will use their fighting words, and most likely, they will hurt(but also not really), but in what situations?

*In situations that they have been pushed to their limits, they will snap. Often times, what they say will hurt those they love, but will be a little painful to others.

*When it comes to loved ones, bubbly ones tend to take on a “mama bear” status, ready to attack, and make it a shockingly painful treatment, however, be weary of turning them into monsters, because that is something, that if a bubbly character succeeded at, then they would become a sensitive one very quickly.

  • The Edgy Character: These characters tend to take on a more chill way of things, however, their eternal dialog is raging. Often times they might make jokes, or mock the person in an argument. When the going gets tough though, the edgy character would be the one most likely to take several steps back, and…cry.
  • The Drama Character: These characters will take it to an extreme. Often times their Ange will range from the start, and due to pride and the love for you know, drama, they’ll usually have a tendency to turn the situation into something huge real quick, only to…

*Step away, no matter the person, because it wasn’t actually…their fault. Seriously, nine times out of ten, it genuinely wasn’t, at least, intentionally. Good luck figuring out the lie.

  • Numb Characters: These characters don’t respond. They don’t joke, they really don’t do anything, and when the situation intensifies, they still, don’t do anything. However, are they completely depthless? Never, because their responses will full others, and some might say they’re…
  • The Wise Characters: Wise characters are never perfect, and unfortunately, in the worst situations, their response might be the most harsh of them all.

*These Characters will snap, and not just yell, often times they’re the ones to do the “off with their head” charade, that will have everyone in shock, and will walk off, becoming the previous character-the numb one.

  • The Intellectually Driven Character: These Characters will fight with their brains, and will refuse to show heart. Often times they will struggle to understand emotions, and will most likely stop fighting you, assuming that the oponet is the one who’s a fool. When they’re completely enraged, phowever…

*Not typically driven by passion for others, but rather for what they know. They will not be so rash as to pull the “off with their head”, but rather pull a very clever, ehem, “off with their head”.

And so, we conclude this week’s Writers Square. This is HaziWords, reminding you to live your life like the ginchy story that it is!

Stay Ginchy!


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