Writing Tips (I’m kind of a genius)

Greetings and salutations! It ’tis I, Hazi!

So originally I was going to make a post on how NOT to start a story, however, I’ve found myself picking up a few writers tips, so, here I am to introduce you to some of the tips and tricks I’ve picked up recently.

Let’s roll out.

***I’m coming for your brand, Optimus Prime.****

1. A Play List

But not just a playlist, but a playlist for my characters themselves. Often times, I think it helps me get in the mood.

Like on Wattpad (Shameless plug, check out my current running story-Anonymous), I have a character, Miles, and whilst trying to find a playlist that inspired me, it pained me to admit that he wasn’t the nostalgic listener like I though-but actually liked Imagination Dragons, and Twenty-One Pilots, both okay bands, but considering I’ve had friends who played them endlessly, not my thing. But seriously, taking into account that I like to write characters from all walks of life, and enjoyments, I think getting a general idea of their tunes would definitely be something that would count.

2. An inspiration board.

Seriously, when I’m trying to write out a story, I often find myself stuck. Not to mention, we create inspiration boards for ourselves, why not for our characters? It’s like taking an Aesthetic board to a whole new level. Take clippings of places that might look like settings, quotes, clothing styles, and hey, if you want, even add the type of actor/actresses you’d like to play if your story were to become a movie (unless you are writing a movie, because then your that much closer to actor/actress idea). And if you’re the type who is writing non-fiction, the same still goes, just use images about what your writing about, as well as quotes.

3. If you get stuck, try a new approach.

I think one of the hardest thing’s I’ve learned is how I can continue on a story line. As a writer, especially fictional writing, we’re expected to write people’s escape from society, and add twists and turns. Rather then staying on the same path, maybe you need to switch it up for yourself. I’m not saying you should change the murderer if all the clues pointed to them, but if you wanted, go back through and scatter a few more, and switch it up for you as well. Not only will this keep YOU interested, but your readers will be more then happy to have the change.

4. Try living as your Character

Okay, so I actually made a blog post a good while ago about this, but in sum up, I suggested living as your character to the best of your ability. It’s like a fun cosplay, only you get to experience things a little bit more as your own character. For example, you may have to go to school, but maybe you should interact the same way your character might (or don’t, I get that school can be brutal), maybe try out their diet (if you don’t have a special one you have to follow-don’t hurt yourself from this AT ALL), or their morning routine. Maybe just wear something that reminds you of your character. Either way, give cosplay of your child a try.

That got weird fast.

5. Do some Mundane Chores

This one’s a weird one, right? But here’s the thing, where I work, I usually end up having to wipe down tables which is actually just really, really boring. However, I try to entertain myself, by either talking to God, or working on my stories. Seriously, the amount of quirky conversations my characters have while I’m working is just…wild. So if you’re having a hard time getting all of that down, just do a few mundane chores. Maybe you can combine the top, previous, and current suggestion, to have one big mash?

Not to mention, you’re getting stuff done, so it’s a big win!

That wraps up this weeks Writer’s Square. I’ll be releasing a new February schedule soon, which will be a bit more light, mainly because I’m starting one of my classes that might take up more time.

That being said, do you have any writing tips? Have you tried any of these writing tips? I’d love to know!

Remember to live your life like the ginchy story that it is!



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