To Explain

So I need to explain my absence

I’ve been a bit stressed, and juggling my blog, school, and work is VERY, hard. Recently, I’ve been dealing with some work drama that has set me into a stressed tizzy, and I need to try and get myself to slow down. I apologize whole heartdely for my absence, and my lack of work here on WordPress. I am frustrated that my most recent post (quiet literally minutes ago), is lacking in quality because I wanted to get it out this week. I will most likely go back and fix it up, and make it look nice.

That being said, I am still going to try desperately to get posts out.

As for lifestyle posts-well, I’m having a hard time on one them, so I’m probably going to switch it up, so the schedule isn’t accurate (surprised?). However, they are still going to come, and I am very excited to be showing some wonderful work. Again, I am truly sorry for my posts quality, and I hope to have things looking much better very soon!

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