Bet you Never Saw This Coming







I was trying to think of a fun, and easy random blog post to make up for the fact I spent most of the day lying around playing Episode (I’m brain dead), and Choices.

And really, I didn’t have one, until I found the Random Questions Generator.



I’ve never used this site before.

I hope this goes well.

UPDATE: I’ve tried it, I’m really quite fond of this website and highly suggest it. Thank you, C.B Daniels, for this resource I will actually be using quite frequently (I see a new addition to my Writing Resources List).

How well do you cope when you don’t have your phone with you for an extended period of time?

Terribly, actually. I have a desperate desire to know the time, and it’s really the only way I feel most comfortable communicating with people, so sadly, I go insane, or feel like I’m missing out on something important. I dunno, I also like to check the news, so maybe it’s just one of those weird nervous ticks about not knowing if somethings going on? Geeze, one question in and I’m analyzing my life.


Moving on.

What do you think about reality TV? Why is it so popular?

Probably because we’re all nosy folks who really like drama.

I am too, no judgment. I like drama, and I like to watch other people have lives that I could never. Or would never.

I guess it’s sort of a “Better she/he then me” situation?  Seriously though, I do think it’s very toxic, but I also understand that it’s not something to just disappear (especially if someone like me still insists on watching it), and it’s a way to make a living for some.  Logically if you took it off tv, that’d be a censorship of sorts, and the industry would take a huge hit, and not wanting either of those, I guess my solution if you don’t like reality tv is, Don’t watch it, don’t have anything to do with what promotes it.

What hobby would you get into if time and money weren’t an issue?

Right, so I’m already working on my gaming aspirations, but when it comes to a hobby such as that, probably traveling. Hobbies can be just about anything, and I would love to travel and experience different parts of the world. That and most likely working on my athletism, or lack thereof.

Who do you feel like you know even though you’ve never met them?

My past self. I know me from then, but I’ve never met me.

That’s too deep and complicated.


I got nothing.

What was the best compliment you’ve received?

You have a nice smile.


If you believed in past lives, you could almost say that you were originally from the 1920s.

Mainly because I’ve never really received compliments like those, and while I do appreciate compliments, it’s ones like those that just really makes me grin because they’re different…

Would the world be a better or worse place if everyone looked the same?

Tough question. And hang on, don’t fly off the handle.

Let’s put it this way-if everyone looked the same, there would be no desperate desire to have beauty standards that we all strive to have in the world. We wouldn’t feel a desire to compare ourselves to others, because, the way this question is worded, we would naturally look the same. However, this would also cause flaws because no person would be capable of expressing themselves, and it could still play on how they compare themselves. Isn’t it sad, though, that in order to imagine a world where we don’t base ourselves off of others, we would have to figure a world where everyone looked the same?

That’s actually quite boring. Anyway, in conclusion, I think if we balance both sides, it would naturally have us at a disadvantage.

What could you give a two-hour impromptu lecture on?

A lecture? For two hours? Perhaps my views on a Christian’s response to the Pro-Life/Pro-Choice community.

Buddy don’t get me started, because I could go ON.

If your childhood had a smell, what would it be?


Whether it be oil for wood, boots, or cars, that’s what our house smelled mostly of. That and Cinnamon. My mom had Cinnamon candles, and we love cinnamon gum. And she always cooks with cinnamon.

What are you absolutely determined to do?

I think the question is, what am I not absolutely determined to do.

But ultimately-serve my life for God and show His grace to those around me.

Do you care about fashion? What style of clothes do you usually wear?

I do care about fashion, though I don’t really have the budget to reflect it. And while I love a good outfit with a cute blazer, I also love flannel. What I usually just wear boot-cut jeans (I have some thiccc calves that I’m self-conscious about), and a t-shirt. Usually, I wear something like a hoodie or a jacket (or a flannel) over the t-shirt, so if I spill something on myself, I have a back-up.

What amazing adventures have you been on?

Not to be cliche or anything, but my entire life is an adventure. My families have been through some crazy stuff. My favorite types of adventures are random days, where my parents make an impromptu decision to go a bunch of places. The two days spent visiting colleges, one turned into an adventure. We started off going to view some colleges and ended up at Peaks of Otter, which was really random and fun. I could go into more detail, but really, I just end up rambling.

SO, this post has come to an end, my friend, and as it does, I just want to ask, which one of these questions is your favorite? And then, give me an answer for your favorite. Have you used this website? I’d love to hear!


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  1. *gasp* You have discovered one of my absolute favorite websites! Isn’t it an epic resource?! 😀
    Loved reading this post. I’ll have to use the random question generator for a post on my own blog! That could get fun and interesting haha

    Liked by 1 person

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