I originally titled this wrong my bad



I’ve been doin’ some procrastinating (what’s new there), and during this time, I’ve done 0 reading (my brains been fried for the past year, I don’t even read restaurant menus anymore), until recently.

And by recently, I mean in the past week.

And by reading, I mean my good free friend Wattpad.

And here’s the deal.

I’ve been a good friend to Wattpad for far too many years (two), and during this time, I’ve seen some questionable things (that made me cringe), I’ve met some questionable people, and ultimately, I trolled someone (listen he was on Wattpad flirting with girls, am I proud? No. I should have reported him. Do I have regrets? No. It makes for a fabulous story).

All that aside, though, I’ve also read some quality stories that should be published, and met some incredible people. There are support systems for mental health, there are groups for every religion, it’s actually really cool

Now, ALL OF THAT aside, what Wattpad ranks, and some of the stories in the “Top Ranked” category, are just…

Not my taste?

Which I why I decided, hey, why not single-handedly take it upon myself to review Wattpad stories. (I’ve lost my mind).

I’ve configured a list of all the books I intend to review.



No, I haven’t, but I can tell you the first book you can expect a review on.

The Top Romance story (as of Current-3/27/2020), The Way We Were Before by Madzalalor.

I thought it’d be funny to have me cringe my way through the one genre I really struggle with.

However, upon further investigation; the book doesn’t look terrible (I’m actually really intrigued), and this might turn out to be less memey than I thought, and actually a really good experience?

Who knows.

(I’m also not trying to rag on any Wattpad stories-have you read mine? They’re a comedy act just because of how painful they are. I just think that After…got the blow-up that certain books should have, and maybe After should have come…after them?).

All this aside, I’ll be reviewing it like a normal book review, and I’m curious-have you read this Wattpad book? What are your thoughts? I’d love to know!



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