Insert Click-baity update title here




Hello and welcome back to my blog.

My comfy abode on this side of the internet.

Don’t ask me about that, I’m just trying to drag this out as I talk about some recent life updates.

So grab your popcorn, clutch your pearls and pour some tea, because friends, there is some new scandal (I mean not really, I’ve ended up having to chill out) and I’m ready to give you the four one one.

Also, I need an excuse to pretend to wear a blazer because currently, I have no excuse for wearing one right now.

So the news.

1. Here on Haziwords, we have reached 4 solid years of wishy-washy blogging.

I know, I know, my mind’s blown too, I can’t believe we’re finally doing it, we’re keeping up with something besides the never-ending procrastinating perfectionist trait of mine.

But seriously, thank you to those who have been here a while, or those who are new here, it’s a big deal to me, and I’m really so blessed to have an outlet to express myself, in all the wild quirkiness.


2. I graduated High School

That’s right.

I’m an educated idiot. Look out world, I’m here to stir up trouble, and I’m that much closer to taking over the world.

That being said, I am a little disappointed, because even though I’m home-schooled, I wanted to have a graduation dinner, and hang out with friends and family, but now that’s not looking crazy possible, which is just really sad. Not to mention, it cuts into my final months in Youth Group, which is sad because I was really wanting to play chair foosball one more time.

3. I was accepted by a college

That’s right buddy, I’m going to be a full-on study horse (it’s an even more of a funny statement when you realize that I’m actually a horse according to the Chinese horoscope). This means my posts might be surrounding the adventures of an educated idiot furthering their education, but I am excited, it’s a big adventure. I’m actually only going to be two hours away from home, and it’s still in a familiar spot for me (surrounded by mountains), so that’s an additional perk. I look forward to finally being able to pursue my passion (Psychology), and am actually excited to try and have some new experiences and make new friends.

4. Yeah that’s basically it, I’m sort of stuck at home (like we should all be doing out best to be), without my favorite tea (to the people who keep buying Arizona zero sugar tea, if you could please leave me a jug or even some cans, I really can’t be having the extra sugar and I need the tea).

And to all of this I say, I actually have two blog posts planned for this week; one is my Wattpad book review, and the other happens to be a craft (I’m shook too), and I might post a poem (who knows man)

Have you had anything exciting recently? Do you have any tips for an up-and-coming college student? Let me know down bellow!



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