Family is Everything


So listen, I was minding my absolute own business, totally not scrolling through Instagram wondering how I ended up here having just woke up, and I got this notification.

Your blog domain has expired.


How dare it.

But I brought it back because I’m clearly Miss Money Bags over here.

So I digress, this prompted a reminder that hello-I was working on rebooting my blog; and what better way than a poem.

That I have no recollection of writing but ALRIGHTY THEN.

So here’s a poem; I honestly don’t know exactly what it’s like-it’s a little strange, but what do you expect?

So, until next time (where I should hopefully have the website fully transfered to a new set up-I’ve been incredibly indecisive lately).

Stay ginchy!









Family Is Everything

Family was worth fighting for, so they’d say

As they took a shovel and readied my grave

Turned me around and prepared the knife

Just another victim, Just another life

Family is everything, so they’d say

As they took my heart and sold it away

Family is everything, so they’d say

As I struggled to see the good in me

Family is everything, so they’d say

As they stole my identity

Family is everything, so they’d say

As they used the blood to wash my tears away

Family is everything, so they’d say

As they accused me of being somebody I’m not

And got mad when the only answer I had was to walk

Family is everything, they’d scream at me

As I fled the scene

Ignored their yells and tried to find my own way

Family is everything, the world would scream

As I tried to recover from who I’d been made to be

Family is everything, I’d decided

When it’s a two-way street and I’m not the only one trying

To show them love when I knew I was dying

Family is everything, It means the world to me

As I see those who I love all around me

Family is everything, so they’d say

Anger in their voices as they haunted at the door

Only this time I knew what Family stood for.

It stood for love and those you care for

Those who tried, and were willing to give more

Family is those who are there for you when times get tough

They’re the ones who pick you up

Family builds you up, but they could never make you up

To be something your not

Family is everything, so I say

Because without them, I don’t think I’d have found my way.