2020 Blog Goals


Last year I learned the importance of separating my blogging/work-life goals and personal goals. Which, sounds crazy I’m sure, but it’s as simple as I’m a mess. And the truth is, I loved the idea when I started this blog, of having two personas -the more professional online appearance, and the IRL up-tight perfectionist (I wouldn’t have it any other way, so I’m not being hard on myself).

Essentially, I realized that the two got a little blended, and I found it hard to enjoy blogging (it was my escape), so I’m trying to separate the two, and see if we can’t do even better then last year.

Now, I’m not saying I didn’t do really well last year, here on HaziWords-we hit 3 years (which is mind-boggling). I also picked up some Affiliates, and even managed to do a great collab.

On the more professional scale (my favorite part), I found my demographic culture wise to have a larger impact and even had an 84% increase with visitors.

So overall, despite my initial wishy-washyness, 2019 wasn’t a bad year. So how could I possibly top it?

Well, my blog isn’t all about numbers, it has been, and will always be, one of my greatest gifts from God, that I can use to honor Him. (Dramatic I know, but having a way for self-expression is what soothes the aching soul). I want to reach more people and have a positive impact. I can only assume with those numbers that I have at least had one positive impact on a person, and this year I’m determined to have one more.

SO, that general statement out of the way let’s roll onto my Blog Goals for HaziWords-2020.

1. Complete A Blog Series

I keep starting them, but I never finish them-and now’s my chance to shine. What it’s going to be, I have no idea, but I do think it’s something that I’m ready to do.

2. Do more collabs.

The collab I did last year Bayance and Aditi(shout out to them for the experience), was a lot of fun, and doing collabs with other bloggers is something that I’d love to do in the future.

3. Create a more defined space.

Right now I’m a mixed bag and don’t get me wrong, nothing defines my personality more than a mixed bag, HOWEVER, I do think I’d like to find my niche when it comes to blogging. It’s finally something I’ve found in my general fiction writing-and now it’s something I’d like to bring onto my blog.

4. Work on Branding

Logos and branding are important to me, I want my blog to express myself, but also give somebody a feel of what they’re getting into, and this is something I’m hoping to achieve this year-to a degree that I enjoy. I understand my taste is continuously changing and developing, but it doesn’t change the concept that I would like some change.

5. Start Incorporating more Images into my Blog

I realize that images do help bring people in, and capture people’s interest (I know it does mine), so incorporating more images into my blog. Which is ironic, because this post doesn’t have many at all, but it is something I’d like to start working more on.

So, I’d love to know, what are your Blogging Goals for 2020? Do you have anything specific? Are you taking the new year as a chance for new things on your blog?

I’d love to know!


I know I promised a separate post on spiritual goals-that is coming in the next week or so, I just ended up with more sinus pressure this weekend then I had in my entire life combined.

That being said,

As Always


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