Welcome Back (or to)

When I was fourteen, I had this idea-I was going to display my strange writing endevours with the rest of the world.

Ambitious, confusing and straight up strange; I’m still proud of my work that I created all those years ago.

And yet, here I am, doing it again.

To any old viewers of my strange and thoroughly confusing content-welcome back-even after a year has passed I can assure you my content is just as strange as it was before. And to those new to my content-you’re in for one heck of a ride.

I digress.

Allow me to reintroduce myself-I’m Ivy. An eighteen year old college student, who has an odd love for psychology, criminology, writing, and gaming.

I appreciate any opportunity given to me utilizes my passion and love in all these areas-and look forward to sharing my passion with you.

So stick around if you’re into a modge-podge of content-from reviews to post of advice; I think you’ll find something for everyone on here.

Until next time

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